International Freight Service
Our major areas are:
- Major parts of Europe
- China
- Taiwan
- South Korea
- Japan
- Intra Asia
- Middle East
We are constantly forming new alliances with International agents to further strengthen our positionand quality of services worldwide. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding other destinations not mentioned in this list.

Custom Brokerage
In 25 years, we have learned so much about the complex aspect of tax and trade. We provide professional consultation and representation to all importers and exporters, assisting them in all aspects of their business.

Warehousing service is provided to our customers who require them. This provides our customers with more flexibility in scheduling their delivery.

Haulage services are provided for transportation of goods to and from the destination of your choice. Our fleet of trucks, cranes, forklifts and heavy equipments with our associated company will ensure smooth movements of goods.

Door-to-door delivery
Door to door service will be provided with prior arrangement. Goods will be picked up from factories of origin and deliver right to doorstep at final destination.

Marine Insurance
Insurance coverage will be arranged upon request of customer.